Search engine ranking factors 2020

You may have read about the Machine working of Search engine.

Fortunately, you should also know about the ranking factors which play a vital role in giving ranking to the search results.  Here you go

The search engine uses several ranking factors to find out the best of the results which should be on top of the search results. There are around 200 ranking factors that affect ranking but some of them take a major role in providing ranking.

Top Search engine ranking factors:

  1. Content quality

The ultimate ranking factor is content quality because it has an impact on your audience. So in case you have a website properly optimized but your content sucks then the visitor will not stay on your website and you will not be able to hold traffic on your site. Now according to the SEO point of view content quality includes word count and keywords integration.

Length: Google prefers content with 2000 words or more for the first position and as you will go down in content length your rank will also get down.

Quality content should be properly structured. Structured content is easier to read and understand in a stack. Also, it helps in organizing content and indexing

2. Content Uniqueness

Google prefers unique content. If you will copy the same content which is already available on Google then why would it rank yours above it? To create new content with some of the news kinds of stuff and updated techniques or present it in a new way so that Google doesn’t find it plagiarised.

If the content will be unique then it will surely rank high even on competitive keywords in relevant period of time.

3. Device optimized

80% of the traffic comes from mobile devices and if your website is not mobile optimized then it won’t rank on top of mobile search results and you will lose traffic in huge amounts.

Google has a free tool Mobile-friendly test which tells you whether your site is mobile optimized or not.

4. No of backlinks

A backlink is an upvote for your website from other sites that told Google to let you rank on the search engines. Search engines use these votes to count the authority of any website and on the basis of authority, they rank them. The more you create backlinks the more you rank high on the search engine result page ( SERP).

5. Site loading speed

Site loading speed is the user point of view factor as well as a search engine. Whenever a user tries to open your website and if it takes longer to load it is obvious they will close it which makes a bad impact on the user about the site and the search results which raises a question mark on the search engine working method. So search engine prefers a website with low loading time.

  •  Keyword density

Keywords are the main factor in SEO optimization. Keywords work as the seed for SEO. If your keywords are properly used and optimized according to the search engine guidelines then your site is definitely going to be rank on top.

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