How to lose weight fast and securely

Weight is the increased when people started eating a lot, but the body starts storing fat and cholesterol which results in weight rise.

Heavyweight is now a common problem for 3 out of 10 people around the world. In 2020, ” How to lose weight” was searched around 48k times around the globe which shows us that people are searching for solutions. You will find out several articles on the web related to weight loss, most of which contain useless tricks to lose weight that are not even proven techniques.

So here I am bringing this article to you, which will let you know some of the simple but proven techniques of How to weight loss, with a logical explanation.

So here you go…

Avoid taking more calories

how to lose weight fast

See if you wanted to lose weight then you should know first how your body gains it.

Our body is a machine and it works on fuel (food), whatever we eat gives us some energy in the form of calories and there should be enough calories in our body to perform the relevant tasks of our lives.

Every human being required a different set of calories depending upon their work nature. For e.g. A labor who has to perform heavy tasks needs more calories than any office employee.

Or in simple words you can say that, If the work require more strength, it means it requires more energy and so on calories.

So, there should be a balance of calorie intake and required by our body. When we start taking excess calories required, our body starts storing it in the form of fat. And that’s how the body gains weight.

Solution: Cut those extra calories which are not required.

But, what about the weight which is already gained?

As we know there are extra calories in our body which are rising our weight. So we have to do the same what we do with unnecessary items of the house.


Burn your fat quickly

Solution: Exercise could be the best option to remove the excess fat stored in our body. Many people join a gym but I would suggest you start with some basic exercises at your home. Here are some of them…


Running is the best option for beginners. why? A normal person with 80 kg can burn 17 calories a minute and 1700 calories in 1 hour 40 minutes. 1 KG = 7700 Calories, which means if you will run 8 hours a week then you can lose 1 kg per week, just by running. Also, it’s easy to run rather than doing heavy weight exercises.

Cardio Exercise

A 70 Kg person can burn around 300 calories in 30 minutes by doing cardiovascular exercise. This means, if you will perform 1-hour daily exercise, you can lose weight by 1 kg in 3 days. Here are some of the cardio exercises you should start now…

  1. Jumping rope
  2. cycling
  3. swimming
  4. rowing
  5. Sprinting (Short race, can be performed at home also)

Take Good sleep

sleep well to lose weight easily

Yes, it is quite confusing to consider “Sleep” as a weight-loss activity but do you know we burn 50 calories per hour while sleeping. Not only physical mechanism of your body takes energy but small body functions like respiratory function and the flow of cells also take energy to fulfill these functions and most importantly your brain consumes calories continuously to remain active so that whenever your get wake up your brain can give instructions to the body parts normally.

So be sure to take more and more sleep to help you body to lose weight.

Prefer Liquid Over Solid Food

Cut down solid food items and prefer liquid ones. If your diet contains 3000 calories then try to replace some of the solid food items with juice or lime water, it will help you fulfill the need for required calories also it will not get stored by body cells because it will be urinated in the next half an hour.

And that’s how your you will cut down your meal without even telling your tummy.


Pushpendra Dwivedi

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