How to earn money online

Earning money with the ease and comfort has been restricted to the offline mode and we know the reason i.e. pandemic. Online money is the only option many people looked for during this pandemic to increase their income along with the secondary streams.

While there are several ways to earn online money but you should aware of the platform you opt for the same because many of the platforms are fake and can make you a huge loss. According to the present situation most of the people are facing financial crisis and spending their a lot of time at home or more free time at general, Here are few of the platforms and ways by which you can earn money online.


Freelancing is one of the fastest growing industries. It has been started as a part time work profile but now it has taken the shape of an entire industry. There is no such requirement for freelancing. You can go for the freelancing projects in the field of your choice. You will find out several websites which are offering a great platform for freelancers based on their specific skills. Some of the famous and recommendable platforms are,,, and

Freelancing isn’t mean only taking projects and working for a certain period of time. If you had made a good repo on the platform you can get life time value clients and then you will be able to start your freelance agency and can build up a team.

Start your own website:

It’s not mandatory to depend on others for online earning, you can simple create your own platform by just building a website. There is enough material available online to build up a website easily. What you just have to do is buy a domain and hosting and integrate all the things and create a website for your own. Now include enough content on your website like blogs and articles and then sign up for Google Adsense, which will make your website show ads on your content and whenever the visitors see or clicks any of the ad it will make you money. The more visitor/traffic comes on your content the more will be your potential earning.

Affiliate marketing:

Adsense isn’t the only option to earn through your website, you can earn money online by getting commission through affiliate marketing by allowing other business to insert affiliate links on your website and with each conversion through the link you get paid. Affiliate marketing is now becoming a very popular way for online earning. Along with the website you can create a Youtube channel and provide affiliate links just like other youtubers are doing.

Surveys Search and Reviews:

Believe me if you had no such skills by which you can take freelancing projects or no budget to launch your own website? You should go for this option. There are many website offering simple surveys and carry out online searches, and write reviews on products and get paid for the same. But you should be very careful with this because most of the websites even ask for your banking details that’s why you use this route with utmost care. There are so many website which also do scams and offer a good amount of money which can be a trap for you, so just stay away from such websites. Although it’s a very easiest way to earn money digitally but a risky one.


You have a website? You can start blogging. You don’t have a website? Don’t worry still you can do so!

There are so many website offering blogging options for others to write blogs for them and get paid for the same. It’s same like blogging on your own website but in this case the amount of earning will be divided in ratio between you and the owner of the website. If you don’t have enough budgets to invest in website and start blogging you can go for it. Blogger is one of the famous platforms which allows you to start blogging without investing a single penny. You can start with you interest field or a hobby to start your blogging career. The more ad views/clicks on your content the more will be your earning. But remember blogging is one of the platform which can make you earn lakhs per month but  it will take time.

Data entry:

One of the easiest way to earn online income is data entry works. You will get a sheet of data and you have to convert It into the appropriate format of content in a document or a excel table. This work requires no special skills rather than using a computer or a smart phone. You can find you these data entry jobs in any of the freelancing platforms where you will find projects of earning potential of 300-1500 rupee an hour.

Content writing:

If you think you can write well then you should go for it. Content writing is one of the finest jobs in the digital world. You can find out freelancing project as well as platforms especially created for content writers where you can publish your content and get paid accordingly to the quality of the content. You will be guided to work upon the content with some of the guidelines as well. Charges for a content writer are 30 paise per word in general basis, once you reach that specialization point you can even charge 2-3 rupee per word. 

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